Friday, February 22, 2008

Flaherty's Flatulence

I can't stand it! Jim Flaherty says the Canadian Government has no intention of stepping in to do anything about the increased price of fuel. He says he has no position to do so because the price of gasoline is market driven. That is unbelievable! I don't know if its more unbelievable that he would have the nerve to say it, or that he believes it's that easy to pull the wool over the Canadian public's eyes! Is it that easy? Are we really that stupid?

American's get in an uproar over stuff like this and, pardon me, but I feel like American people are far more willing to tow their political parties line than we are. Yet we listen to this nonsense and don't get upset about the comment?!

Does he think the general public has never heard of OPEC? You know, the organization designed to control the supply of gasoline so that they can best serve their own pockets? If someone or something other than demand is dictating supply, how can the price be market driven. THE MARKET IS NOT DRIVING IT, THE PRODUCERS ARE! Monopolies are supposed to be illegal, but aren't the OPEC nations just one big monopoly? It's just like the banks in Canada. Of course, we've pretty much accepted what the banks do to us, so I guess that answers my own question. How depressing.

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DGA said...

Drives me nuts, too, mate.

Oil companies blame the high price of gasoline on government taxes. Government blames the consumer. Consumer blames the oil companies, and around and around we go.

Something else that really bugs me - oil companies blame everyone else for the high price of gas, but curiously, it's the oil companies make big profits. Let's be clear - if it was simply a matter of higher costs being passed on to the consumer, then the oil companies would have higher revenues, higher costs, and equal profit. But when their PROFITS increase, it means their cost is irrelevant, they are still making more money than before.

Any way you slice it, all the players win, and the consumer loses. While I suppose I must accept it from the private for-profit sector, I don't accept it from so-called civil servants who get paid out of my pocket.