Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hot lap with Tommy Byrne at Mid-Ohio

Here's me (D) in an Acura TSX with Tommy Byrne, the greatest race car driver you never heard of. In front of us? That's J, holding him off!

At 06:33, Tommy's cell phone rang - he answered it and begins to engage the converstation, at speed! He motions me to shift the gears, so I'm (yikes) holding the Treo cellphone camera in my right hand, watching him out of the corner of my eye and shifting with my left - one wild ride, but he was smooth as cream. At 07:09 he's still on the phone, I'm laughing, and holding on for dear life.

And, how did J do out in front? Here are his lap times from a previous heat - his consistency is impressive! (but then, you didn't think we just "talk" cars, did you?)

lap1, 1.57
lap2, 1.57
lap3, 1.57
lap4, 2.08
lap5, 1.59
lap6, 1.55
lap7, 1.56
lap8, 1.56
lap9, 1.58
lap10, 2.12

What happened in laps 4 and 10? Stuck in traffic :-)

In the immortal cadence of the great Jackie Stewart, "It was a great day for racin'."

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